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Michelle Kwan Icons

Kwan Icons
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"People who win all the time are strong and powerful. But people who have fallen and got trampled on... but are able to stand back up and fight, that's who I admire the most"
- Michelle Kwan

Welcome to Elegance, the Michelle Kwan Icon community. This community is for sharing LiveJournal icons of Michelle Kwan with others. This is not a discussion community. Michelle Kwan discussion can be found at kwan_fans.

1. Respect members of the community.
2. Do not post icons that are not yours, unless you have permission (you must give credit to the original icon maker if they give you permission to post their icons).
3. If you have more than 3 icons, put the rest behind a lj cut.
4. No hotlinking from members of the community.
5. Always give credit to the creator of the icon.
6. Absolutely no multi-fandom posts, meaning, if you have icons of Michelle Kwan, please post them in the community and not have a link to your journal.
7. Do not post a link to your private journal and require members to join to see the icons. The memebers of this community joined to get icons, not join other communities to get them.

If you would like to be affiliated with the community, please post to this thread.

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